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BusiFin Group is in to C2C i.e., CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING of any business project. BusiFin takes into consideration the varied needs of a client, conceive ideas and convert them into concepts and offers comprehensive project execution solutions. They also arrange for Collaborations / Strategic tie-ups for both Technical knowhow and import of plant and machinery from leading national / international industrial conglomerates. It caters to all requirements, be they high-end advanced technology or sophisticated commercial activity. 

expertise and technical strengths come to the forefront in project execution right from Preliminaries to Commercials, attending to Techno Economic Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering activities like Project Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Utilities and Piping, Procurement Services, Operation & Maintenance Services, Industrial Insurance, Safety and Risk Management, Valuation of Fixed Assets, Energy Audits and Management Quality Systems etc. 
More specifically the services in Finance and Secretarial practices include Project Finance, Syndication of fund, Term loans, working Capital Facilities, LC limits, Bank Guarantee Limits, Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Rehabilitation of units and proposals under BIFR, Acquisitions, Amalgamation and Merger Schemes. Other areas of interest are Company's Law matters, Merchant Banking, Liaison with State, Central Government and other Statutory Bodies
It is an international Consulting Company with extensive expertise specializing in providing suitable business and financing solutions to clients worldwide. BusiFin Capital LLP is mainly engaged in the business of securing suitable funding solutions, both equity and debt, to clients throughout the world to help them meet with their business financial needs. Our experience and long-standing relationships with international funding sources, and a commitment to the highest level of personal attention, with a clear appreciation and understanding to our client's financial needs, are the basis of our relationship with our clients. We perform our services in a professional way and within the shortest possible time.
BusiFin Capital LLP offer through the network of capital sources we represent different methods of financing that can ensure the best suitable answers to the financial needs of each of our clients. Since our services includes appraisal and full evaluation prior to searching for suitable financing arrangements, we are ready and prepared to meet with our clients at their home countries for a face to face discussions and consultation for better results. Step by step support is offered by our professional team that includes CPA, lawyers and business & financial professionals will provide an excellent backup to our clients whenever they need it.
As a start, we require a summary of the project. This summary should contain as much information as possible regarding the project and its owners, in a précis format. Each request for funding will be treated on its own merits, regardless of the applicant credit history or the lack of information provided. Privacy is undoubtedly of personal importance to each of our clients, therefore all information and documentation supplied to us will be confidential material.
If you will have any questions while reading this material, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer on any question that may arise. BusiFin Capital LLP established to provide its clientele with a fully integrated, personalized business and financing solutions. Contact the Company for detailed terms sheet.
India is blessed with an abundance of Sunlight, Water and Biomass. Vigorous efforts during the past two decades are now bearing fruit as people in all walks of life are more aware of the benefits of renewable energy, especially decentralized energy where required in villages and in urban or semi-urban centers. India has the world's largest program for renewable energy.
Government created the Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources (DNES) in 1982. In 1992 a full-fledged Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources was established under the overall charge of the Prime Minister.
The range of its activities cover
Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies
Create an environment conducive to promote renewable energy technologies
Create an environment conducive of their commercialization
Renewable energy resource assessment
Research and Development
Demonstration and extension
Production of Biogas units; Solar Thermal devices; Solar Photovoltaic
Cook Stoves; Wind Energy and Small Hydropower Units
Amruthakrishna Power Generation Ltd another Public Limited Company from the Group - has chosen a unique way to generate Power to meet the India's most pressing demand, by using vastly available Agricultural wastes. There is no dearth of such biomass in a country like India where 70% of the population depends on agriculture for livelihood. In India agricultural waste often goes unutilized threatening to become environmental hazard. Procurement of Land, obtaining approvals from State and Central Governments have been completed.
The Company has proposed to set up Power Projects with installed capacity of 28.5 MW in the States Karnataka using latest GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGY; and 30 MW in the State of Andhra Pradesh using Municipal Solid Wastes. The Company is setting up these projects in phased manner and is in the process of getting licenses / approvals from the State; Central Government and its Nodal Agencies. The entire projects are estimated at US $ 66 Million. The Company has proposed to sell the Power to the Grid of the State and necessary approvals are being obtained.
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